Last Year (when I was Painting with Lori) I offered a fantastic deal for paint nights. With COVID - that has changed everything! I will still be offering great things, but I am applying these deals to ALL paint nights. (Special events, etc) As a reminder ALL paint nights are available for to go kits for you to pick up.


I am going to be offering 5 ($30) paint nights for $75!


How this works: 

Your purchase the BLACK FRIDAY DEAL! 5/$75 - if you get 5 regular canvas paint nights, no charge past the $75 for the 5 nights.(Use them all separate, or use them all to one event)   If you choose to do a ceramic night, etc  that is over the cost of a normal paint night ($30) You pay the difference.


Such as: Ceramic Tree (11 inch) is $60 - you would ring up $60 on my website  - minus your code leaving the total left: $30 for the the 11 inch tree.


As a reminder, these DO NOT EXPIRE.  If you have some codes left from the last year, feel free to go to my website and look at the events.


This STARTS NOW!!  I will be offering this until Black Friday! And after that - it will be gone!



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