Behind The Easel



Behind the Easel is a group for like-minded individuals who love to paint.  This group can work for all stages of the Artist. If you are just a beginner artist or an experienced artist, Lori has the perfect paintings for you. All paintings have tracers for you to print out and can sketch on to your canvas of choice. 

*A minimum of two new paintings/tutorials a month.

Doors are not open all the time so make sure you join soon.

If you are a creative business and want to use Rare Bird's paintings at your own events, now is the time do it. 


Whats included?

All of these great features are available to use immediately and at anytime while you are apart of Behind The Easel.

Membership renews month to month OR every year until you cancel. (Save money for yearly subscriptions!)

  •  Over 40 Paintings to choose from - Tracers available! *

  • A Minimum of 2 NEW ON Trend Paintings added every month

  • Support from Lori (Owner of Behind the Easel and Rare Bird Art Studio)

* There are over 40 painting available for your use. There are currently only 15 recorded tutorials.